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Co-Pilot has established a smart Fiber Design system and process maintaining low cost while vastly improving customer control and intelligence from design to construction. With over 20 years of experience, we can help support your fiber business. We offer various solutions at industry competitive rates.

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Emtelle Group

20 Years of experience

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CoPilot works all aspects of fiber networks from planning and design to business modeling and maintenance.


Accomplished by using ESRI software, LiDAR, Mapsight, etc.
  • We provide a construction manager with over 10 years of experience who leads every survey activity
  • Traditional design services are less accurate, increasing change requests during the construction phase
  • We help improve cost accuracy during planning and the design phase
  • We efficiently improve address validation through the use of proprietary GIS techniques


We offer real time and customized reporting
  • We provide free As-Builts through our Construction Management Value Offering


We provide real time communication, live updates, and full customer access.
  • Since the traditional waterfall method is compressed by performing more activities in parallel, we add an Agile element resulting in a higher run rate
  • We perform quality audits as the design is completed enabling multiple iterations and eliminating the risk of a full redesign
  • We offer greater control during the construction phase by leveraging proprietary GIS techniques


Primary design company for a major rural telco operator performing 800-1000 miles a year
We have capacity to do over 2000 miles per year
32 miles of overbuild design completed in 3 weeks in the midwest (from HLD to LLD)
Current projects GTR in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Georgia

Why we are the solution for you

Through our use of GIS technology, CoPilot's proprietary procedures improve cost accuracy, address validation techniques, and build control. We offer a construction management and inspection service providing control and accountability no matter who is building your network.
Our Solutions Include:

  • HLD
  • Survey
  • LLD
  • Construction Design
  • Construction Management
  • LiDAR
  • Permitting

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